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SATRA Infrastructure Management Services Pvt. Ltd (SATRA) is a subsidiary firm of New Zealand based Data Collection Limited, the manufacturers of ROMDAS and HIMS Ltd, the Asset Management Specialists. SATRA was established in early 2008 with an objective of providing specialist asset management and engineering consultancy services in India and overseas.

SATRA has a unique privilege of having access to the state of the art technology for road and pavement maintenance and management

HIMS Limited: HIMS Ltd is formed with the merger of N D Lea International New Zealand Ltd with the consulting arm of Data Collection Ltd in 2003, providing software development and consulting services on asset information and asset management systems, primarily related to the physical infrastructure. The systems or solutions developed by HIMS Ltd are in use in a number of developing and developed countries including Brazil, Cambodia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Serbia, Sri Lanka, UAE and Zambia etc. LEARN MORE…

Data Collection Limited: Data Collection Ltd (DCL) owns, manufactures and supplies Road Measurement Data Acquisition System (ROMDAS) from New Zealand. ROMDAS is a generic system designed to collect road and pavement data using any vehicle. With nearly 230 units in use in over 65 different countries, ROMDAS has a level of refinement not found in any competing systems. LEARN MORE...
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